Sunday, August 26, 2007

This week in photos

Templeton and I went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium and really enjoyed watching the sea turtles. The silouhettes provided by the children made for an interesting photo.

Templeton got this box and Sal kept jumping in it. We kept saying that it looked like he was riding in a boat the way he sat with ease. On the rainy Sunday afternoon, we sat on our porch to make it a real boat for him. I think he is pleased! The boat isn't the prettiest, but Sal is ok with it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

How many does it take?

Templeton and I went canoeing at Newport News Park. I told him my favorite bird is the Great Blue Heron after seeing them at work. One appeared shortly after that. I took pictures along the resevoir throughout our canoe trip, but then int he parking lot I spotted one along the beachy area. He wasn't as scared as the other ones so I kept getting closer and closer. 22 shots of the one bird later, I have a couple of shots I liked. I am obsessed with taking tons of shots of one subject so I can pick and choose my favorite. After uploading all these pics, I felt it was a shame to never look at all the work that was involved in getting the one shot I was proud of-so I made a composite of every shot, in order, to see the development of one subject and my camera.

I would say this one, number 4 is my favorite.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

You're the Insulation

Our condo has been very hot the past couple of weeks, and after thinking and paying someone to come out and tell us there was nothing wrong with our A/C, he suggested we needed insulation. The condo association pulled together and spent 6 hours total, from cleaning out squirrel mummies and old radiator pipes to blowing in recycled newspaper insulation (cellulose) to keep the heat from entering our condo. Life as a homeowner...
Before picture of attic:

Templeton prepping for the start, surrounded by bags of insulation, totaling 50 bags.

Our neighbors Sean and Ben helped us. Sean and I packed this machine called the Cocoon with the insulation, and it grinded it up sending up a hose to the attic for Ben and Temp to spread thru the attic.

The finished product. 9 inches deep, roughly 2000 sq. feet, 50 bags later.

Happy Saturdays! (Sarcasm)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New layout

I thought I'd upgrade my blogger to the more efficient layout after all this time. Dragging and dropping page elements. I am hoping the new layout will inspire me to write more.
Temp and I's goal next summer is to go to Spain, amongst other countries in Europe. My freshman year of college, Temp and became friends. We made a goal with each other to go to Europe once we graduated. I think because we had a lot of similar interests and just got a long pretty well. (Pre-dating) Right after graduation, I had already started working a full-time job, and Temp got the job of a lifetime going on tour with pro-skaters, filming them. We weren't ready for the big trip and life had other plans for us at that time. Through the last 5 years, most of the time we couldn't financially dream of going there with me being in school and our move back to VA. So this is it, we finally will have 2 incomes, I will have summer off, and Temp can afford to take some time.
I have never been to Europe, Temp has. I think it will be amazing. We have sat together in the car driving across the country, to and from NJ, NC, SC, GA, etc and get along so well. We laugh, play games, learn more about each other. I think a trip to Europe will suit us well, and we'll finally achieve that goal we set (by next summer) it will be 10 years in the making!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Goings ons

Everyday I ponder about what I am gonna write in my blog. I get frustrated when others don't update regularly, but I am slackin' myself. I feel really busy this summer between work and other activities. I find myself not really enjoying being in front of the computer, but wanting to be outside working on my garden, sitting on the porch, going for a walk. I get excited about a kickball practice because I get to be with friends, forget about any stresses, and get some good exercise. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and that's been good for me. I was applying for jobs a lot, but fortunately that search is over. My kickball team for the summer won the championship so that was cool! I am still trying to work on that painting on scrap metal, I just need good sit-down time for it. I am really excited about new music and always classic rock. Led Zeppelin has really brought a smile to my face on the way to work in the mornings. I am just so happy with life right now, good friends, busy, good job, new job, and wonderful husband. Well here is a picture of the updated painting, you can see how it started a couple of blog entries below. I promise to write more often now!