Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gotta love the old men!

Hand-drawn, scanned, and digital coloring.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Making dreams come true

Templeton made my dream come true! He built this wonderful display case for my Happy Meal Toys that I have been collecting for over 20 years! They have been in boxes since I went to college (almost 10 years ago), and they needed a home! I try not to eat fast food anymore, so I haven't collected any in a couple of years, but looking at this collection brought back a lot of memories. Almost 300 toys later....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Year's Resolution Cont'd

So I have been creating artwork, and more inspired than ever. Just our internet connection has been really bad, and been super busy to actually post what I have been working on. Below are some things I have done, or are in-progress:

This is a self-portrait of me being frustrated! I actually was really frustrated while making the cowboy because I didn't have skin tone colors in my markers. I have some now!

This is a cowboy I drew, it brought me back to my roots of when I started drawing, I love the ol' cartoon, black outline and marker fill-in. Cowboys make me think of Templeton, so I had to do it!

This is a watercolor rendition of a picture I took in Puerto Vallarta, MX. It's pretty tedious, and I am not sure what kind of style I would like to paint it in, so I am putting it on hold.