Sunday, September 27, 2009

Makin' art-encaustic

Today I wanted to experiment with wax, heat and adhesives (glue, rubber cement). It's called encaustic. I was fascinated by the surfaces these create. The board beneath the gourd drawing is a heating tray which I worked on.
Temp experimented as well, but he didn't enjoy it. He's more into construction and flat colors. I am going to try it with my kids!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i got bumped!

you know those bump it commercials? one of my student brought one in for's a hair accessory that bumps up your hair! too funny

Friday, September 18, 2009

The 4 year old apron

So since I started student teaching, I have been wearing a black apron-for multiple reasons. To protect my clothing, to cover up that random occurance of the fly down (kids will never know), and to separate me from the kids--but in a playful way. I know I look young, especially compared to high school kids, this gives me a little separation of authority.
About 2 years ago, kids just randomly have given me buttons for my apron. The get excited when they see me wearing them, it's fun for me to decorate it. Here are some of the buttons I have gotten over the years, some have fallen off...

These are two of my favorites! Monkey Business and I Found Nemo!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Days of School

Yesterday I had the first half of my kids. Introduction to Art and Drawing/Painting classes. Pretty cool, one kid got dragged in by the asst. principal, you know that's a good sign! Today had some interesting stories, taught Intro to Art and Photography. I played "get to know you games" in each class, and had some interesting tid-bits about my students:

"My name is ____, and I'm pregnant. I just wanted to tell you guys so you don't ask when you see me getting bigger."

Another game I played in a different class, ask your partner some questions and then report back to the class:

"I asked her if she had any kids, she said no." (he was so serious too)

I have a student that doesn't speak--at all. Physically cannot (also can't write or read or barely hold a pencil). So I asked her some questions, and her responses were with a smile--wild right?

In discussing our class, a student raised his hand asking if he could draw gang signs in my class..."uh no, I'd report you to the police, don't even try".

I am pretty exhausted, but having some great laughs. It's gonna be a good year, just gotta get in the swing of things...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Norview HS Light pole fell on bleachers

Not sure if you heard, but on Thursday we got an email at work:
No personnel allowed in stadium effective immediately.
So of course now you are curious right?
Well we look outside, and the giant light pole for our stadium broke off it's foundation and landed on the bleachers--fortunately no one was there or hurt!
These poles are only about 4 years old because the stadium was just rebuilt.
Turns out the manufacturers had a recall called out Aug. 25, because 9 had fallen down all over the country. I hear they are out of business...and we're out of lights for our stadium...(they had to take any that looked dangerous) For the news article click here.

The first picture up on top: This is the back of the bleachers, the pole was on this side--snapped, and fell over to the front of the bleachers!

Towing away our lights...
All lined up.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

heating things up!

sal on a heating pad on a radiator