Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Working on my art

So with the stresses of my last job, I never felt like I had enough energy to work on my own art. Only on vacation. So I made a list of what I wanted to do in the summer. One of my goals was to make an art website. I dabble in multiple forms of art, but photography really is my passion. I remember taking my first artistic photograph in 6th grade, and from then on, religiously taking a camera every where I went. So in the last week, I put together my photo portfolio website. My new teaching position is head of the photo dept of my school. I will be teaching foundations of photography, advanced and AP. I really feel my personal passion for photography has led me to this position. So I am really excited! Another art goal on my list was to screen print more. On my last little road trip, I realized I have an affinity for old trucks, farm equipment, etc. Funny that I grew up in more of a city!! I just love the rugged nature of those vehicles, and sometimes fantasize about having my own old pick-up truck! So my next series, I would like to make some designs reflecting my fascination with the antique vehicles. Coming soon!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Just rest it"

So I am now 4 weeks into my ankle injury. For those of you that missed what happened, basically I was going down the mountain (Blue Ridge Mtns. in Charlottesville), stepped over a fence quickly, backwards, and snapped my foot back in toward my foot. The injury has progressively gotten more painful. I went to urgent care a week into the injury "looks like a torn tendon, just rest it". The pain got really bad, my friend a doctor said I need to see a specialist. I made an appt with an orthopedic. The night before the appt I was in so much pain, I went to the emergency room. "Looks like torn ligaments and/or tendons, just rest it and see a specialist".
Next day I went to the orthopedic, "yup, just rest it, if it's still not better in 3 weeks, come back cause then something is definitely wrong" Thanks guys! Basically ankle injuries need to heal on their own.
Well then, to make things even more awesome, I was balancing on my good foot, grabbing my crutches on my deck, and the left crutch fell from under me and I slammed, full body down on the floor, crutches beneath me. Fell on the bad ankle and totally killed my hip. The crutch was under me when I fell right on my lower back/side.
So I have been couch/bed hopping for a couple of days now, and seeing no progress with ankle. I feel so helpless. Plus I can't lean on my whole left side.
My feet today, guess which one is injured. Remember "just rest".
I just hit a point where I need to vent, I apologize to anyone that didn't want to read my rant. You just get lonely after awhile. Feel free to come and hang out, I don't get out much!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Printing photos, it's like Christmas!

With digital now, it's hard to actually print pictures, but I try to with every series I take. I just got the prints back from my Portland favorites and I feel like it's Christmas! Mpix is a great company to get prints made, and their cheap and fast. I probably was most impressed that a couple of my prints were taken with the iPhone, and they came out beautifully! Printed at 9x12, would never know the difference! Time to get some frames, and time to enter more shows! Printing your photos is like a different experience, don't limit yourself to computer screens and camera screens!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My cat is a hoarder

So Crawford was hanging out by the mantle of our fireplace, and Temp was curious to why! Templeton put the light down facing the area he was looking, and found at least 10 milk jug rings!!! We knew he was stashing them under the fridge, but often wondered where the rest of them were! We took them out, and gave him one to play with, go figure, he stuffed right back under!

Needless to say, the boys and Temp doing the archaeological dig was pretty funny and cute!