Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Back!!

While finishing up student teaching, I have been working on some projects that I wanted to share:
This is a portrait I am doing of my new nephew Colin, this is the pencil drawing, next is watercolor.

My cooperating teacher at my student teaching introduced me to a new form of photography. It's called Polaroid transfers. I brought slide film on my trip to Seattle and developed them. You put the slide in a machine that basically takes a polaroid picture of your slide. The first image is a scan of the original slide photo. The second picture is where i put the polaroid picture in boiling water and pulled off the emulsion of the polaroid. Basically the ink part of the picture leaving only the white backing. I then put in cold water, wet a piece of fabric and pressed the emulsion onto the fabric. Basically it ends up being a translucent, fragile piece of a picture. The last picture is a "lift" of the negative of the polaroid picture (basically the black side that you rip off). I rubbed that on to a piece of Reeves BFK paper. Then at home I used colored pencils and watercolor to enhance it. Being that it's the ink from the negative, the image is not very strong in color.
They are all taken from the original slide. It's pretty cool!