Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Broken =o(

I broke my pinky and ring finger at my last kickball game...not remembering exactly how it happened but a dude came running into me as I was catching the ball on first...I think my fingers were sticking out from the ball and he swiped or jammed them.
Where the arrows are is where the breakage is. Compare those fingers to the others and you can see the damage. Almost 50% breakage going on. Possible tendon tearing...
I cannot turn my forearm. We don't know why and my wrist keeps collapsing. I have this support in the meantime. Surgery is an option but I said I'd rather try to heal naturally first. She said recovery is usually better w/o surgery. I go back to her Thursday for check-up and see what the deal is with the forearm. From what I gathered, may be long recovery and may have permanent bumps where the fractures are. Rest is my best medicine. No driving or really much of anything--too painful and need to heal.

So if anyone wants to call or hang out at my place...don't hesitate to contact me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

anniversary dinner

had a great meal at "isle of capri"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tree removal...what a day

So today I was home to get a large dead tree removed from our backyard. We had been wanting to do this for over a year. Trucks and crew came, nice guys. Long hair, tattoos, the works. In order to get perfect access to the tree, the ideal situation would be to go into our backyard neighbor's yard. We have never really talked to them, but I never really got the impression they are friendly.
They have barking dogs all day, messy backyard, and even our neighbors asked if they could tidy up a bit since they are selling their place, and they basically got denied.
So the tree guys asked the woman in the back house if they could access our tree from there.
The tree poses a threat of falling on either of our houses, so it does benefit them. (As I watched from my porch) the woman says sure, no problem. The guys said they'd have to move their boat and cut a branch off their tree to get their trucks in "sure, no problem" she says.
They cut a small branch of their tree and this guys comes out of nowhere screaming, cursing, yelling at the tree guys.
"What are you doing, who gave you permission?"etc.
The tree guys said "that woman".
"She's my daughter (30 years old easily), she doesn't own this house!"
The guys are in a yelling battle, then they get super close. Neighbor dude pushes tree guy into fence-SERIOUSLY! I am watching this from my porch window. All tree guys get involved, daughter is calling police. Tree guys come find me to see if I witnessed any of it, I said all of it! Police come, interview both parties, but never talk to me. I go back outside about 45 min. later and truck is trying to pull in neighbors yard.
I asked the guys "did you guys make up or something?" They said "as soon as the cops came, their whole attitude changed."
Screaming, fighting, yelling, tree came down. Here is video of the trunk coming down "Timber!!!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Some of my art

So a little while back I mentioned I was working on a book of experiments. I have really enjoyed this book. It goes everywhere with me in my pocketbook and have had made numerous drawings in it. I had fun making this cover. I was inspired by some wallpaper I found laying around in a classroom. It was beige with a pear. I cut the pear out. I glued the paper down on a pear colored background. Then glued the pear on top. It's basically about 3 layers of a paper on my cover!

I'll do a quick sketch during class of some flamingos I saw at the zoo.
Sometimes when I feel creative but don't know what to draw, I decorate the calendar pages with paper so I am ready to draw when I am inspired!
Today I made an Artist Trading Card. This is what I am going to have my kids make as the year winds down. It's the size of a baseball card. They either create original artwork on it, or put take some artwork they made earlier in the year that they don't like and make new art out of it! On the back they write their name, the medium, the title and the date. And they can exchange them with classmates, other schools, other countries (thinking of that for next year!!!) This is from a photo of a penguin I took recently.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Photograms, Scratchboard Art and Printmaking!

My photo kids are basically done with their big projects, so I decided to do fun, experimental projects with them. A while back Temp sent me a link to this site that did photograms of the alphabet, so I did it with my kids and they LOVED IT! Each assigned a letter and to grab any materials to form it. The expose it under the enlarger on photo paper and the shadow creates an image. They develop the picture like normal and out creates an image! The one below is theirs!This next work is scratchboard art. You probably did it in school when you were younger. You scrape away a black surface and a silver surface reveals. This particular piece went in an art show it had rave reviews! I had them cut out a person from a magazine and they had to create clothing and a background with patterns to fill the negative space. This project inspired by Gustav Klimt.
The last ones are linoleum block printing. Students had to pick Charley Harper's artistic style or Pacific Northwest Indian Art to make an animal that includes pattern. They could use up to three colors, and I think they turned out pretty good!