Friday, March 31, 2006

Just got screwed...

So today I had an appointment with my Masters of Education advisor. I have 2. One for my art ed license, and 1 for my masters in ed. Met last week with art ed advisor, things are smooth sailing. Meet with Masters advisor....she tells me she never gave me the "other part" to my curriculum needed to graduate. Better yet, she gave me the curriculum for secondary education when I am elementary education...A YEAR AGO! I remember questioning it to her, but she said "oh, it's all the same". Of course she doesn't notice until I am a year away from graduating. Basically I have at least 2 more years of school according to her. Having to take statistics, western civilization, etc. But she neglected to tell me this any other time we've met. So now, I have to drop my masters after taking and paying for classes that don't apply to me, and just "graduate" with my art ed license. This woman is not gonna hear the end of this....And she has the nerve at the end of the meeting to say "I know this is confusing." I said "No, it's disappointing because you gave me all the wrong information and now I can't get my masters...thanks."

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Umbrella Man

This is a drawing Temp made for me this morning, in hopes the rain would stop. I just love it, and have to share. Sorry Temp....=o)

Goings ons

81 days till we get married. A day that I swore would never happen in my life. I never imagined, fantasized, or dreamt of getting married, and now it's almost here. That has made all decision making so much easier because neither of us had many expectations. I always thought that I could never settle down with one person and feel comfortable spending the rest of my life with them. When I look back now, I think I more thought no one would want to spend the rest of THEIR life with me. Planning has been pretty easy going, with a trip to NJ here and there. It's nice to get married in another state. You aren't surrounded by wedding stuff. You get things done when they need to get done, then otherwise focus on your relationship, career and friends. I have dreams of June 18, and it all seems right.
School is going well. I never enjoyed learning so much in my life. I think everyone should continue educating themselves one way or another. Take classes, read, explore. I feel fortunate that I can appreciate it at this point, and feel that I am getting a lot out of it. It's a good transitional--yet productive part of my life. I have high expectations for my future...but I am not ready for it just yet. I am in the preparation phase. Possibilities are endless....
I never thought I'd get so personal on my blog, but it felt good.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Future of soccer

What do you guys think about changing our soccer day? Brendan suggests Wednesday which I can't do. I have classes Wednesday and Thursdays from 4:20-7pm. (Unless we play after 7 or something) I AM available Tuesdays and Mondays after 2pm. Temp and Brendan like the idea of weekday soccer, which is fine. I just know I am restricted to Mondays and Tuesdays. Let's get some feedback and decide on a day...I'll play again tomorrow if need be.

Temp also said if we play on a weekday, people tend to have more excuses NOT to play. "I'm tired from work", etc. What do you think!?

Results from soccer game yesterday

This is my right ankle that has been in a serious amount of pain. It's swollen and bruised. My guess, I was kicked there (I hope). This thing needs to clear up ASAP for next Sunday.
Next, the mystery dots on my left ankle. I was first thinking an imprint from the soccer ball seams, but they didn't measure up....UNLESS, it was from the white ball and not mine.....either way, I look like I was abducted by aliens!

Otherwise, I had a rad time. It feels so good to be out there, having good times, laughing, exercising, and playing my all-time favorite sport. Thanks guys, feel free to share your soreness or post-game injuries!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Soccer and Fundraiser?!?

So it seems soccer went over well 2 weeks ago, I say we aim to play again on Sunday the 26th? What do you guys think?
There is also the fundraiser at 4pm at Taphouse, so would Monday be better? Is everyone actually gonna go to that thing? Respond in comments I guess.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stop, light, bird

I was sitting at the stoplight, and I looked closer and saw birds chillin' in the red and yellow lights. Never noticed that before, so I took a pic.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Click here to see me working on my curriculum for my art students in time lapse format.


Today in class was like Christmas morning. I have been working tirelessly on some bowls and plates in my ceramics class on the pottery wheel--and alas, the results! The pictures are what all the pottery looks like in the firing kiln after glazing, and then a couple of examples of my work.

New and improved---I hope

So today starts the birth of my new blog. The old one got boring to me, so now I am going to post pictures I have taken, maybe some artwork, and possibly stories. I don't want to limit myself to just other websites anymore. Enjoy!