Sunday, October 26, 2008


I wanted to play with drawing on top of one of my images. I did this in photoshop. i wanted sort of a cartoony look, but not completely. More experimentation coming soon.
Close up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pinhole Pictures

As you guys know, I am teaching intro to photography this year as well. Our first project was for the students to make their own cameras-- a pinhole camera. The definition of a camera is simply a 'light tight box with a hole in it'. Students brought in toilet paper rolls, shoe boxes, soda cans, tennis balls, you name it. And made a camera out of it.
I was excited about the results of their work, so I thought I'd post some for ya!

This girl got it on the first try, she's super good!
This day was spirit day and all of the kids dressed like nerds, she doesn't normally dress like that! I like the black splotches.
Great composition, not enough value but that's ok. There is no viewfinder, I am impressed by her artistic vision and compositional skills.
I like the diamond shape here and the scratches

Lots of textures!Classic shadow shot!

My kids are restricted to the campus to take pics, but I think they made the most if it. After they developed their pictures in the darkroom, they took their pics, which are first negatives and made them positives in photoshop. If you want to try this at home, feel free to write me and I can help you out. It's a great way to learn the photographic process. Let me know what you think!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kids Work, Animal Portraits

So this is our first big project of the year. I am teaching students the basics of drawing so they are prepared for the bigger projects later on. I taught how to break down the animal into basic shapes, show textures, and value. Keep in mind these are intro to art students. I am SO STOKED on the results, here are some of them:

I have a teacher site that we are required to have, if you want to see all my students work, here is the link.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Canoe Trip-Carol Ann Park in VA Beach

Fish head on the dock....
Templeton made this wheel system so we don't have to carry the canoe--just roll it!
I was fascinated by the visible water line in the marsh, green yellow, beige
Found this snake slithering in the water, then went hiding on land
I was intrigued by the seagulls getting stuck in the mud
Silhouette action
Egret disgusted by trash left behind

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Make your own sketchbook!

So because I encourage environmental awareness, I thought I'd teach my kids how to make their own sketchbooks, so they know they don't have to go out and buy one. They can decide how many pages they want, and the sketchbook itself is a piece of art.

I found this step-by-step on the internet, but wanted to try it at home before I had the kids do it. This book has a spine, signatures of pages, inside covers, the works. This should be fun but wild to do with the kids. The binder clips are to hold it together while it dries. I tried to put a link on how to make it, but the link no longer works, if you want directions, you can email me!

The cover, we used wrapping paper, I think the kids will make collages and/or tissue paper.
The inside pages, obviously Christmas paper is all we had!!
Enough ipods right?! Anyway, this is a side angle shot.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Liberation weekend

So I woke up today in a good mood. I want this weekend to be free of obligation. I usually have schoolwork, or other types of obligations, but not this weekend. I just want to have fun and relax! We already had a nice dinner outside last night and went to my school's football game. Then enjoyed an evening of Project Runway and the Soup. Today, shopping with my Pottery Barn gift card and other fun errands. Make some art. Tonight, kickball party!!