Monday, October 30, 2006

ipods CHEAP!

At the Apple store, they have refurbished ipods for cheap. Here is a little idea of what I am talking about:

iPod Shuffle 512MB: $33 Shipped
iPod Shuffle 1GB: $59 Shipped
iPod Nano 1GB: $109 Shipped
iPod Nano 2GB: $99 Shipped
iPod Nano 4GB: $149 Shipped
iPod Video 30GB: $179 Shipped
iPod Mini 4GB: $99 Shipped
iPod Mini 6GB: $129 Shipped

So if you never had one, or need another, these deals seem great. Caught it on Slickdeals!!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Log 6: 11:55am

So I am home and pretty groggy from anesthia. Great news is, is that I don't have the diseases they were scared I had. I just need to be on medicine for the rest of my life, but nothing life threatening. I had my bagel with cream cheese and orange juice and it was YUMMY!!
Doc says i will end up sleeping all day...sounds about right.
End of logging.

Log 5: 5:02am

So last night I couldn't really write because Temp needed the computer. Hunger-wise I was hanging in there after some Italian Ice held me over. Had trouble sleeping, and needed to wake up at 4:15am to take medicine for procedure. My alarm didn't go off, and I woke up at 4:45am---(set it for pm instead of am). Whoops! I have been pretty shakey and cold, not too hungry. Just looking forward to this being all over. I can't leave the hospital until I can change into my own clothes, so that should be entertaining. I talked to the doc yesterday, and I won't get my results till around Friday, so I am not too nervous for today anymore. By the next time I write, everything will be done with, and I'll be able eat again!
(came to the realization this morning that BK will not be serving BigFish's this morning, will have to resort to the everything bagel with veggie cream cheese!!)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Log 4: 6:06pm

I am hungry, but in good spirits. I have had like 5 jell-o cups, a mug of chicken boullian, 2 boost drinks, and glass of ginger ale in the past 24 hours. Every commercial I see makes me so hungry: Red Lobster, Thanksgiving dinners, Burger King, NAME IT! I hate sushi, but I could sure eat it now! I have a little headache and feel more nauseas than anything. I am thankful for that because I am not as hungry as I was earlier...

Mmmmmm, BK Big Fish (when I normally don't eat fast food)

Log 3: 2:02pm

Oh my gosh, I am hungry! I am shakey, little dizzy and super hungry. Time for my jell-o.

Log 2: 11:38am

So I just got back from getting bloodwork done, had to chill there for a couple of minutes to collect my bearings. Went to Food Lion to get some Jell-o. Drank a thing of Boost, Vanilla drink (was pretty unappetizing). I am getting pretty hungry, I feel like I just want to lay around. Gosh, it's not even 12pm yet! I keep thinking about food.

The Fasting Log

So tomorrow I have to have a little minor surgery/procedure to hopefully rule out some diseases. I have been suffering for a long time with bad stomach pains, went to the doctor, and they want to check my insides. A part of me wants to know a tiny something is there that can be fixed super easy, just so everything goes away. But on the other hand, if nothing is there, they will give me medicine the rest of my life and that should help. I have had these pains for 14 years and never had it checked out, so wish me luck!
I have to fast starting this morning until tomorrow after my procedure (10am). The crazy thing is, is that I am hypoglycemic. (Meaning I have to eat every couple of hours to keep my blood sugar leveled or I get really weak, dizzy and sometimes faint). I can have liquid stuff like Jell-o, Chicken Bouillon, but nothing of substance. So I thought I'd journal throughout the day on how I feel! I have to go get bloodwork done this morning, run and errand, then I think I will submerse myself in TV, cause I THINK, the more I move around and burn calories, the quicker I will get hungry. My theory...we shall see....

Log 1: 9:07am. Had lots of dreams last night about almost accidentally eating. Haven't eaten anything, just a sip of water. Not feeling hungry. Will bring a bottle of lactose free "Boost drink" to hospital to get bloodwork. Feeling AOK at this point. Last night, knowing about the fasting, we went out to dinner and I ate way more than I wanted to. Had 4 slices of Cogen's pizza, half a caesar salad, apple sauce, and mini-3 musketeers bar. Desperation I guess....

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