Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New classroom!!

So today I finally spent some time in my classroom and I am really excited. There is SO much storage, it's big, and the courtyard is really nice! My friend Stacey helped me out and we kind of took inventory and took some cheesy stuff down that really had been there for awhile.
Here are some pictures!!
me with my keys at my door

Stacey in the picture! It's a really big room, I have a computer station, light table, tons of storage!

This is the courtyard where I have an entrance from my room and the other teacher has a door as well. This has so much potential with pinhole pictures, cyanotypes, etc! Plus just relaxation!

The darkroom has 6 stations, and kind of a mess! I need to really clean things up!

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princessbetsy26 said...

I loved seeing your room with you for the first time! It is so big, and it is going to look so nice once you really get your hands on it! I can't wait to see all of the work and inspiration that comes out of it!

PS-I'm glad we took that "cheesy" picture of you by the is really cute!