Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake putting things in perspective

So yesterday's earthquake really made me realize some things. It obviously wasn't anything dangerous, but it got me thinking...

When the earthquake was happening, I was sitting on the couch and was trying to process the whole thing. The cats were on the floor looking at me like "what is going on?!" Pictures shaking, doors rattling, etc. So I was like, "do I need to leave the house!?" So I got up, pretty frantic, heart racing, looking for my crutches. Tried getting my one shoe on, and looked around and was trying to decide what to grab! Keep in mind, I had no one around to verify what was happening, so I was just reacting. I looked at the cats, and sadly thought, "I can't grab them". That really made me upset. On crutches, can't get my baby boys. I accepted that if things got crazy, they would find furniture to hide under and be secure. So I grabbed my wallet and phone and headed outside. (Asking a girl walking down my street if she felt anything, and she looked at me like I was crazy, so I still wasn't sure what happened!)

Things calmed down and I was trying to call Templeton. Calls weren't going through. I never realized how much I wanted/needed to talk to him. I just wanted to hear a comforting voice. I still hadn't known what was going on, fearing that a tree feel on our house again?!?! Tried my parents, no luck. So I went online, and found a friend on instant message, and he told me it was an earthquake. I felt a little better I wasn't crazy, but I still wanted to talk with Templeton. We eventually got a hold of each other, and I think it was comforting for both of us. When he came home from work, I felt so relieved and at peace.

All in all, I just think I learned how much I truly love Templeton. How I don't like to be alone in a crazy situation, and how limiting having an injury is in an emergency. It'll make me think twice for older neighbors or ones with disabilities.

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